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Home Based Business Failures on the Decline

November 22, 2011

Statistics tell us that 95% of home based business attempts fail. In fact, there are people making a killing, telling folks all about it, and how to be in the remaining 5% that do succeed. The Internet is literally flooded with information on this subject. But it really boils down to two things. Most people attempting to strike out on their own in the network marketing arena lack the time and talent to make it work.

A major misconception about building a network marketing business is that it can be done with minimal effort. This could not be further from the truth. Building any business requires time and effort. You cannot get the job done unless you can commit to spending time working at it.

Many people wanting to create an income from home are already working at least one full time job. Now, throw a couple of kids into the mix, and you’re already needing more than 24 hours in a day. Even the stay-at-home mother has her hands full all day long, taking care of children and running a household.

To build a network marketing business, one must have time where they can focus on the task, without interruption, to work that business.

After creating a contact list of potential prospects, one must contact them, set appointments for presentations, do presentations, answer questions, and follow up with them. This is very time consuming, and a reason many fail, because they simply do not have the time to do it. The average working person may have only one hour per day to devote to these tasks. How many people can a person make contact with, and present a business opportunity to in that amount of time?

Not too many.

For those who have the time for prospecting and presenting, many lack the skills required to get their message across. You can know everything there is to know about your business and still not be able to adequately present it to others. And, there are those who have little desire to speak to strangers in the first place. Fear of rejection can make that telephone seem like an 800 pound gorilla.

For whatever reason, not everyone who wants to generate an income through a network marketing business is cut out to do it.

However, this is changing. The world of network marketing is changing, thanks, in large part, to a company called, Prosperity Automated System, or PAS. PAS has leveled the playing field, so that those who lack the time or talent, or both, can experience the home business success they’ve dreamed of.

Prosperity Automated System does all of the time consuming work.

1. PAS provides the opt-in leads to follow. 2. PAS makes contact with those leads, does the presentations, answers the questions and closes the deal.

Using Prosperity Automated System, members never need to:

1. Seek out a lead source. 2. Do any cold calling. 3. Do any selling or convincing. 4. Answer any questions.

All of this is taken care of by PAS’s staff of professional network marketers, people who are trained to do this kind of work. They obtain the opportunity seeker leads, contact them and turn them into new business partners.

The system is completely generic, so that anyone, in any business, can use it. Hundreds of network marketers have already experienced phenomenal success, after using the Prosperity Automated System; success that eluded them prior to becoming involved with the PAS method of business development.

Prosperity Automted System has been so successful, that the company is soon to be featured on CNN Headline News and the Discovery Channel, as part of their Models of Excellence series.

With more network marketing hopefuls finding and utilizing Prosperity Automated System, that 95% failure rate is sure to change to a much smaller number in the future.


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